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Garden Girl

The fence idea makes a lot of sense. Rabbits nearly ate my vegetable garden to shreds last spring, until I finanally went around and installed chicken wire around everything. By that time, many of my plants were already goners. I'm sure my chicken wire isn't nearly as attractive though as the system you've shown!

Heavy Petal

I echo Cheryl's comment - vegetable gardens can be gorgeous (think of all those French potagers). And even if they're not "perfect," isn't it part of the charm?

Cheryl Corson

Cringe?! I can email photos of my gorgeous vegetable garden, which would cost $33,000 to enclose with the system described (22'x45'). That would buy a lot of vegetables! All through the growing season a vegetable garden offers unequaled bounty, pleasure, and color, sometimes more so than a perennial bed.

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