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James Golden

I look forward to all Noel Kingsbury's books. This one carries a message he's been telling us for quite a while. It's a message Piet Oudolf, Henk Gerritsen,and many others have been preaching for years. But a book devoted to seed heads alone, with beautiful photographs to entice us, is valuable, helpful, and I hope will widen the interests of American gardeners generally. Let's hope Timber Press continues to publish such a unique selection of gardening books.


I think too many gardeners think of how their landscaping and garden beds will look only in the middle of their blooming cycle. It's possible to create a year-round beautiful effect by planting evergreens, plants with interesting or colorful fall and winter foliage or bark, and by using natural elements such as boulders and stone walkways to create visual interest even when plants are not flowering.

Takoma Gardener

Thanks for the recommendation!

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