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Eleanor at OutOfDoors

In fact, the author of this post did not bemoan "fair treatment" and "a lack of parity", those were quotes from Martha Schwartz. Further, the only aspect of this post that could be construed as anything other than reporting the facts, or "meaningless statistics", is the headline More Harvard Sexism, which is totally appropriate to the story covered.


You wrote: "the landscape architecture department had never had a tenured female professor in its 106-year history"


"Harvard's landscape architecture department has six tenured faculty members, all male, and 11 untenured faculty members, four of whom, including Schwartz, are women."

These could be meaningless statistics. The real question is: Are women being passed over for tenure because they are women or are they being passed over because they haven't been producing the same quality or quantity of work? If you know that the former is true, then you have a complaint. But if you don't, then you are only assuming that some wrong is being done.

Be careful that in bemoaning "fair treatment" and "a lack of parity" that you don't call for a quota system based on an equalitarian presupposition that the women must be doing as well as the men. Unless you are intimately involved with the inner workings of the Harvard School of Design, then you don't really know that to be the case.

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