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Ogen garnet

It's stunning....

Anne Robert

thank you very much for liking my blog my urban garden deco guide!

Tim Colman

To get a picture of the huge impact wood burning has on the world's ari-- check out this story in NYT Science Section today
with map

Tim Colman

Fresh air -- imagine!

We ought to demand as much from our cars --

People tolerate a ton of crap coming from exhaust. I am glad to see more organized efforts against wood stoves-- here in Seattle on inversion days in winter chimney smoke stops a friend from walking.

Beautiful pool.

This is random -- but I am starting a new poster design on rain gardens and wonder if you have some favorite species for the East. We are going to illustrate a beautiful rain garden and add some info about how to construct it on the back.

Favorite species?

Best fishes,



Yet another reason why I'm glad I live in a very rural area, with other country oriented people who burn wood rather than make oil companies even wealthier. (slight rant about covenants in suburbs!) A lot of these places that ban outdoor burning like you describe are the same places that build mcMansions, have two SUVS in every paved driveway, and make covenants requiring homeowners to spray for 'weeds.' Drives me crazy--and this is a great post, so thanks for pointing these things out.

Nancy Bond

The fire and water features in that photo are stunning. I'm not sure what the bylaws are in my town regarding chimneas, etc., but now that you've prompted me, I'll find out. Thanks.

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