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I found this stocking stuffer at the NYBG- A TickleMe Plant Greenhouse. Here is a unique affordable gift I give to my friends, family and students who enjoy plants, nature or gardening. –A TickleMe Plant!
Ever see a plant move when you tickle it? The TickleMe Plant grows year round indoors, closes its leaves and lowers its branches when it is tickled. It is an easy flowering plant to grow in its own TickleMe Plant Greenhouse. When I first saw it move I was startled and amazed. You’ll love seeing the big smile on the face of the person who sees the plant move for the first time! Can't make it to the NYBG, the visit for a greenhouse to grow your own TickleMe Plant, more information and videos of the live plant.


I'm an Atlas fan too, and I'm a pro gardener so I'm very rough on them. The nitrile ones I recommend for homeowners who want to feel what they're doing - they provide great tactile sensation but get filthy inside fast (like in an hour of hard gardening), and don't protect hands very well. They're the step above bare hands.

I like the regular blue coated ones with a grippy surface. I toss them into my "dirty" bucket every 4-8 hours of work and grab a fresh pair; then do laundry once a week. The cotton interior means you can slather on lotion and put on the gloves and they soften your hands nicely while you work.


Atlas gloves are awesome, and they're only kind I buy. They have several different kinds, including thermal garden gloves which are great in chilly weather.

I bought a few pairs for the owner of the nursery where I work for Christmas last year. She had admired my gloves all season.

She loves hers so much she decided to stock them for sale at the nursery, and they are by far the most popular item sold aside from the plants.

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