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Catherine Turk

Beautiful work, I really enjoyed this entry. We have very similar styles!

Catherine Turk
Turk Landscape Design

Steve Rice

Looks like a pleasing, relaxing garden with good use of planting to "hide the boundaries" and make it feel larger than it is. Nice photos too.

A note to "Martha" on her comment - the larger garden can be made a more human scale by using planting, hedges and vertical structures to subdivide it, making smaller areas (or "garden rooms") which could each be more intimate, and have different characters. The routes and paths connecting them then allow people to take a "journey" around the garden, which is much more interesting than being able to see the whole of the 2.75 acres spread out like a ranch - especially if the content of the rooms is only discovered as you approach or enter them. "Surprises" such as sculptures, seats, etc. which are encountered along the pathways between rooms adds to the enjoyment. It also allows varying soil or microclimate conditions to be exploited. This approach forms the basis of many of the important English gardens like Sissinghurst, Great Dixter and Hidcote.

chilli seeds

Great article...i have bookmarked this page.


I love touring small gardens like that one.
We have 2.75 acres and I yearn for a small space sometimes.

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