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Outdoor Kitchen

We have seen a steady stream of modest outdoor kitchens in spite of a crummy economy. In some ways I think the lousy housing market is helping outdoor kitchens. It seems that some homeowners are looking for ways to get some more enjoyment out of their houses, so modest outdoor kitchens are a popular choice. Any of you dealers out there, please feel free to contact us if you'd like some help with outdoor cabinetry.

John Black

Wait, I thought the trend in 2010 was "away from lavish outdoor lifestyles to practicality and comfort" - or did I read last week's post wrong?

Actually, a lot of my clients are postponing investment in a custom kitchen. Many opt to continue with their portable grills, some are upgrading but to small/basic built-ins. The Kalamazoo units are incredible engineering but wayyy out of line with most of my clients' budgets. And if we're trying to be responsible stewards of sustainability, does it really make sense to call for an outdoor fridge or icemaker?

Interestingly, just a couple of years ago ASLA named kitchens as one of the hottest outdoor design trends. I don't think the trend is dead, but for now I'm not sure it's quite as robust as Kalamazoo hopes.

Michelle D.

We've been designing outdoor dining and kitchens for years and it all suddenly came to a grinding halt during the depression,... er umm, I mean recession.
I don't see outdoor kitchens being at the forefront as they were during the boom years.
I wish they would be, we love designing and installing them, but when you consider the cost , which is no less than 25K for just a modest size, and on the average about 65K, I don't see the resurgence.
And those standard Kalamazoo drop in bbq units - butt ugly.


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