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I never had this in my garden, but I did plant Lilly of the Vally (or Our Lady's Tears, or May Lilly) last year, for its mythological value, you know, and also because I was feeling pretty lovesick at that time (thank god that's over with). And they spread fast! I don't know if they just liked the soil or my homemade compost, but my other plants were in danger.

Now this Polygonatum odoratum - I hear it has a lot of herbal values and in fact widely used in chinese potions, isn't it? Since I'm a dabbler in such things myself, I'll definitely try planting it. My only fear is its growth rate, like its predecessor! Hope not.

coriander leaf

Glad to know that Variegated Solomon's Seal has been chosen as the perennial plant of the year. Reading about this plant it seems that this plant is worth to be chosen as the perennial plant of the year.

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